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Specialized is the right answer for so-called “atypical cargo” or for the shipment of products that require special handling.

Specialized ART is the product for the shipment of works of art, antiques, musical instruments. Alitalia has, among its main customers, museums and art agents and it dedicates special care in the packing, in safety and in arrangement in the hold.



It is the product dedicated to the shipment of dangerous goods: explosives, gas, inflammable or corrosive materials,  toxic or infective substances, but also machinery, motors, medical or magnetic equipment.



It is the product for the ready-to-wear and haute couture industries that need to ship "garments on hangers". The collections are shipped in specially designed containers.


These are the products dedicated to the shipment of perishable goods which ensure the maintenance of temperature standards throughout  the different phases of the shipment, from acceptance to delivery.
Fresh 1: the temperature is guaranteed at the level requested, in the range  -20°C/+20°C and the shipping is in specific containers  (Envirotainer), ideal for the conservation of products such as frozen meat or fish.
Fresh 2: the temperature is maintained in the range +2°C/+8°C thanks to the use of special containers. It is the ideal product for the shipment of fresh fish, flowers, fruit and vegetables.


It is the product to be used for shipping living animals. It ensures safety, comfort and hygenic standards.



These are the products for shipping pharmaceutical products and that ensure the use of dedicated equipment and personnel throughout the entire network.
Pharma 1: for shipments that require temperature control and observance of the cold chain.
Pharma 2: for shipments that require a controlled temperature in the range +2°C/+8°C.


These are the products dedicated to the shipping of valuables.
Safe 1: for the shipping of gold, precious metals, diamonds, currency, jewelry. It guarantees  safety of the shipment as well as  maximum priority in handling  the shipment. The goods are monitored during shipping and escorted during loading and unloading operations by dedicated personnel.
Safe 2: for the shipping of cellular phones, microchips, video cameras, laptops, luxury goods, haute couture clothing and high-value pharmaceutical products. The shipments are stored in dedicated and controlled warehouse areas.


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